King Win Private Equity invests in early-stage technology, services, training, and software industry.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs in USA and India today have innovative ideas. However, execution due to many reasons could be a tremendous challenge.

  • Infrastructure and Employee costs are extremely high
  • Lack of sustainability is the single most reason why most start-ups fail.
  • Limited resources and support.


We are different than many investors as we work with the notion of “trust” and like you to be in control of your business to scale it in alignment with your vision. Several ways we have helped start-ups include:

  • Infrastructure support
  • Advisory and network support
  • Extending our experience running companies
  • Funding to selected firms
  • Consulting for exit planning to maximize value

Selection Criteria 

  • Strong Management Team
  • Strong market position and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Multiple avenues of growth in domestic and international market
  • Stable, recurring cash flows
  • Low capital expenditure requirements
  • Favorable industry trends
  • Clear business plan and vision